Project History: Part 1

This project started many, many years ago as my husband and I kicked around the far-off idea of owning land and creating a place to live on it.  My husband is a very long term planner and thinker, so when we talk ideas and dreams, at some point in time-in some fashion, they will happen–I have learned this, finally, after twenty years.   This idea was and is no different.

Last August (2012), he found some land for sale in the paper (about 50 miles from our current house), called on it, found a person to go in halves on it with and made the deal.  5 months later we would be the proud co-owners of 6.5 acres.

In conversations with our land partner, the three of us generally agreed that the acreage would be a nice place to go hang out, camp and goof off.  Generally a fun place to go.

Plans change.

Around December 2012 we were informed the house we are currently living in would need to go on the market within the year.  Yikes!  We immediately began looking for new places to live in the surrounding communities.  What we found was disappointing, unsafe and expensive.  Another side effect of an economy where people are losing their houses: it’s a landlord’s market. Nice places and nasty places go for a premium.



Then one day after looking at a depressing array of rent houses, we cruised by Home Depot and came across this  large, lofted shed.  The conversation went something like this….

“Do you think we could live in this?”


“We could put it on the land we are buying.”


We were then, as they say, off to the races.



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