One of the many interesting things about this project is when people ask me what we are doing and I get to experience their reactions.  Here’s a small sampler:

  • “What?!–that makes no sense–You really are crazy.”
  • “Why on earth would you do that?”
  • “You’re kidding, right?”
  • “That is so cool!”
  • “Yeah, I have really thought about doing something like that.”
  • “I had a friend that did that once.  Didn’t make it for long, though.”
  • “…what about running water…appliances…have you thought about those things?!”
  • “Are you going to raise livestock–what about a garden?”
  • “You should get some Guinea hens-help keep the snakes away.” (my favorite and probably the most helpful)

It has occurred to me (thanks to all for the honest feedback) that for some people, selling all of your belongings and moving to a shed on a dusty hill might sound a bit off. So please allow me to explain part of our perspective.

1) We are and have been very/constantly interested in things that are sustainable.  Sustainable meaning that regardless of outside events we are able to maintain our existence (eat, sleep, learn, work, play). 2) We like the concept of  using resources that are free like sunshine, recycled telephone poles and used tires to create an interesting and challenging living space and 3) Living in a small space with few possessions requires far fewer internal and external resources in order to thrive.

Does it still sound a little bit off?

Yeah, it didn’t wow anybody when I explained it in person either. =)

Looking out the door of the cabin





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