Quick update

We spent 4 days/nights last week at the cabin.  It was a rare week of high 70’s and low 80’s (it’s normally 95-100 degrees F this time of year) that enabled us to be out there working during the day and sleeping at night.  It was fun and relaxing with a few challenges.  Getting up for workout and work at 5 a.m. in the dark/using suspended flashlights was challenging and somewhat disorienting–but by day 4 I had it down.

We are preparing for a very large garage sale next weekend. Our intent is to sell about 95% of what we own.  1) the stuff won’t fit in the cabin, 2) we don’t want to use a storage facility and 3) we get to use the proceeds for the cabin/property!  It’s a lot to do, but by this time next week (hopefully) we’ll be able to fit all we own in the back of my car.

They’ll be more on the evolution of this project later this week…including pictures. Until then.



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