…Wind & Dirt

wind-dirt The name of this blog is Sun, Wind & Dirt. As you can see by the picture at least two of those descriptors are correct.

At the time this picture was taken (April 2013) the high plains  had been in a drought for a long, long time.  Recently the area has experienced a handful of good rains and it’s beginning to green up a bit.  Greening up a bit on our piece of property means that the mesquites now have leaves on them.

Although it has rained a few times since April, our land would require rain in the amount of biblical proportions to bring it out of its perm-a-drought.

One side effect of the drought is that the soil moves around with every breeze.  That soil is a fine, red, somewhat sandy consistency that slips through every crack and crevice in our structure. Each time we enter there is a fine layer of red dust on everything above floor level and a thicker layer at floor level.

We need to find ways to keep the dirt out of the cabin.  Since we can’t, due to high temperatures, constantly keep all the windows and the door shut, we have been working on other solutions.

  1. Spread mulch or top soil over the dirt in the front yard and around the cabin
  2. Do a daily rain dance and cross our fingers
  3. Place pantyhose on the outside of the screens as filters
  4. Use flat stone to cover the dirt in the front yard

The best idea may be to do a combination of each.  I think a rain dance will be the most fun.


3 thoughts on “…Wind & Dirt

  1. pebble” front yard/patio” area might work. J and L did that at the Channing house:-))
    I will do a rain dance with you when I get there !!

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