How’s it going…?

Good gravy-I can’t believe it.  We moved to the, what we call the cabin, on Sept. 17th…so that puts us out there for 7 weeks.  I can’t even believe it-time flies.  On the subject, I haven’t written anything on this in way too long.  So for an update:

1.  We heat the cabin with a wood burning stove and we burn seasoned oak.  Oak burns slowly and makes nice coals for long lasting heat.  Our nights and days have not been too cold as of yet.  Last night it got down to 29 F.  If we build a fire before we go to bed and don’t tend it in the middle of the night it’s fairly chilly in the morning.  I have a thermometer stuck up in the room and it generally reads 10+ degrees warmer than outside in the morning.  (I tell you what, getting out of bed to 40 F will get your butt out the door and to the car pretty quickly!)  Last night thanks to some cat drama (more on this later) I was up at 2 AM and rekindled the fire.  When I got up at 5:30 it was 60 F in the cabin….much better!

2.  The most, hated, vile, flies are STILL ALIVE.  I’m really less than happy about this–Mother Nature is not going along with my game plan that they should all be dead or hibernating by now.  It’s been a really mild fall.  I think too that a bunch of them have been hiding in my house…

3.  As of now we are using a generator my better half found at a pawn shop to light the cabin.  Our solar array 😉 is not set-up yet.  So it gets dark about 7:30-we fire it up and usually turn it off by 10 pm (bedtime).  We run power tools off of it for construction purposes as well.  Running it every night and on the weekends when we are around all day takes about $40-50 gasoline every two weeks.  Not very cheap-but will work until we get the solar in.  (Hoping this happens before Christmas!)

4.  Finally, I must find a way to listen to the radio programs we like (Ground Zero and Coast to Coast AM) at night.  I am looking into a small pocket shortwave/AM radio from C-Crane.  The issue is needing it to last awhile on batteries and pick up a station that is about 200 miles from us.  I know it’s doable-I just need to research it!  Gotta have my radio!

More soon.  Really.



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