Update on Heating

Cutting Wood

Cutting Wood

Since the last mention of heating it has actually gotten cold and snowed.  We had a week of not getting above 35 degrees F.  We used a lot of wood. 

We started out with a cord (4 feet high-16 feet long stack of wood) of nice seasoned oak, and have literally burned almost half way through it in 1.5 months.  Sheesh.  Cold nights here can conceivably last until the end of April-so we have a ways to go.  We brought with us about ¼ cord of elm that had been seasoned for a year-so it’s ready to burn.

When I say seasoned, I mean cut to length (no more than 2.5 feet long and 8 inches round), and set outside to dry out.  The drying out process may take 6 months to a year, here in a semi-arid climate.  Burning non-seasoned wood produces less heat and more creosote in the stove.  Below is a nice article: 


So, in lieu of buying another cord of wood, which is expensive ($360 delivered), we have been hunting for alternate sources of wood.  We found it!  The nearest city has 2 wood chipping and dump sites.  A dump site is a place where home owners and yard contractors may dump trimmed trees.  The city comes behind them and piles some of it and chips the rest of it.  Jackpot!  We have borrowed a chainsaw and are finding both green and seasoned wood.  So far we have gathered about 1/3 a cord and have it drying out.

Brush Pile

Free Wood!

2 thoughts on “Update on Heating

  1. Rachael, Lots of enlightening info- thanks for the updates and elucidation! One of those chipping sites is close to my house – hadn’t thought about the firewood aspect! 🙂

    • Hi Jim! We check two sites as of now, both on Soncy. I need to look up the other chipping sites in town-I’m quite sure there are many. Funny enough, trying to get wood becomes a bit of a race–we are not the only people collecting from these sites. Other people collect not only for personal heating but also to sell the wood at the local flea markets!

      Thanks for reading and commenting–I hope your holidays are really great-and Happy New Year as well! Peace & Simplicity! =) Rachael

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