3 thoughts on “For Jacki…The Cabin Pics

  1. Wow. Really, wow. I’m so impressed by how much progress you guys have made, speaking from firsthand experience of how much more work there is than you imagine when you get started. Especially with that foreman’s broken leg. You got a home up and liveable in a few months! Thanks so much for sharing the great photos (I love the panorama app–I’m so stealing that idea). I love your storage solution for your clothes up high. Are they on a pulley? I hope you continue to share more details for the kindred spirits among you.

    Some questions I have if and when you get a chance: What kind of foundation did you put the cabin on? Did you insulate the floor and with what? Do you guys still work somewhere in civilization, or are you working on this full-time? How far to town and how often? Where do you do your laundry? Shower? Do you truck in water? How about food–storage, refrigeration, cooking? How are you handling garbage and recycling? What woodburning stove are you using? These are all details we’ve had to figure out through the careful and painstaking process of reading homesteader blogs, watching YouTube videos and—winging it. (I’m just realizing I’ve also left a lot of these details out of my blog, too.) So any additional info is more wood for our fires.

    Thanks again. So great to know we’re not the only crazies.

    • Thanks for the WOW! That feels nice! It is much, much work-but so much fun as well. We are at 15 weeks of full-time–it has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. Your questions are great–I am going to write a post to address them all! The info you put on your blog gives me inspiration and ideas for posts here! Thanks for sharing this journey–Peace to you and yours. =) Rachael

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