Questions and Answers #1

I am behind, as usual, on this–here are some questions that have been asked:

What kind of foundation did you put the cabin on?: The cabin is orginally on skids when it is delivered. From the threshold of the door to the ground is about a foot.


Cabin delivery


Cabin first day on property




Skids and breeze blocks


Underneath the cabin

Our original intent was to skirt it with tin and call it good. We started that and then one night our area got struck by either a nice down draft or a small tornado.

The resulting wind moved the cabin about 8 inches forward and tore up a couple of mesquite trees. When I went inside to look, I counted us lucky, because what I found was some evidence that our cabin could have come apart with the pressure change–there was dust and dirt pushed up between all the board and base boards inside.

After that close call we have since tied the cabin down at each corner by burying a 6 foot, salvaged telephone pole in the ground, 3 feet deep and setting it with mud and water.  The pole is then attached to the cabin with lag bolts.

I have pictures of the wind damage and the pole setting, somewhere, when I find them I will post them. 

Of course we have no illusions about the cabin surviving a tornado, however, I think the new precautions will at least keep it in place during high winds.

Back to the topic of foundations- As you can see by the pics, the cabin is sitting on very soft, sandy soil-which moves pretty readily in the wind.  In addition, about three feet down is caliche–this combination doesn’t seem to make a good case for a poured foundation (in our case at least).  With the cabin tied down and on skids, we are able to, when needed, re-block it.


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