MICE!!!! @&$!

Did you know that mice eat the tops off of Serrano pepper plants? Did you know that they eat tomato plants down to the dirt? Did you know that they can extract seeds out of ground with precision?

Notice the toothpicks….notice the small holes…those toothpicks used to mark green bean seeds…now they just mark where little mice came to a BUFFET!


So far we have tried peppermint oil. The only effect is that my dirt smells nice. Tonight, on the advice of a wise gardener I know, I am trying grated Irish Spring soap…

I am determined to have a garden.

2 thoughts on “MICE!!!! @&$!

    • Hey AJ! We have cats-one of them ancient and one of them is scared to go outside….the dogs do a nice job of killing the ones in the yard…I think the Irish spring soap is doing the trick! šŸ™‚

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