A thermostat…

Is what I am remembering fondly right now. Spring in the High Plains is unpredictable and mostly a pain in the backside. 92 one day and a freeze warning the following night makes for difficult temperature regulation and a good argument for central heat and air…


Alas, I have neither. We decided because of the position of the wood stove, aka heater, that once we started getting south winds (April) we wouldn’t have any more fires…so no heat either…

This decision was strategically made one April morning a mere month ago when we discovered that a south wind, a wood stove fire and an open front door creates the most amazing back draft in our cabin. Yep, three foot flames shooting right out the front of the stove. Quite a sight. Even better when the ash and smoke billow out of the stove when you close the front door…

So after saying all of that-it’s going to be cold in here the next couple of nights. Poo.

Quick garden update…Irish spring has repelled the critters…everything is covered in towels and drop cloths-if we make it through the freezes we might just have veggies yet!


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