A guy, a shotgun, a pumpkin…and a lesson

We currently have 3 pumpkins on the vine…


This one is by far the most interesting…this little one is a product of an interaction of a guy, a shotgun, and an overripe pumpkin from last year…

Roll back to early winter last year…we had moved on to the property and somehow acquired a pumpkin that had not been carved. It and some other interesting things became shooting targets one Sunday afternoon.

If you’ve never shot a pumpkin with a shotgun-the best way to describe what happens is, well it explodes (Note that things exploding when shot with a shotgun is not unique to pumpkins) and pumpkin goo and seeds fly everywhere. Good fun-but quickly forgotten. Over time, and snows, and rain the evidence of pumpkin carnage disappears.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I was whacking down weeds and cleaning up trash in the shooting area when I noticed a squash plant growing in the weeds. Upon further investigation I found it to be a pumpkin plant! Wow-pumpkin carnage netted us a plant!

The point of this tale…I spent most of early spring worrying over our vegetable garden-“Why is nothing sprouting…Why are the mice stealing my seeds…What the hell did I plant…is it even going to grow…, etc., blah, blah.” So to find a perfectly healthy pumpkin plant growing so beautifully in the weeds, with no one worrying over it, stopped me in my tracks. I had to ask myself, “Why do I worry about anything?”

Lesson: quit worrying, the universe has got it covered.

🙂 peace.


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