We have been invaded by paper wasps. Paper wasps hibernate in the winter–and they’re trying to find spaces to live in–I’m sure our structures look amazing to them! There were about 20 of them in the cabin, about 100 in the outhouse, and probably 500 in the shop. There were so many flying around outside you could hear the humming of their wings.

I am not a fan of flying, stinging insects-in fact I’ll take scorpions, rattlesnakes and centipedes over them any day. However, I’m also not for killing anything just because of what it is. To me it’s a waste of energy and a bit of bad karma too.

The second however, however–I have created a perimeter around the cabin, yard, shed, etc.-about 3/4 of an acre out of 6.5 acres–and then created AND announced my intent to all creatures that I share land and sky with. It goes like this:

“If you are poisonous and/or dangerous and you come into the perimeter and I cannot relocate you in a manner wherein I don’t get stung or bit–you die.”

So far the wasps are the only ones we’ve had to kill since making the announcement almost a year ago. And oh boy have we killed some in the past week…

This is a group of them in the peak of my ceiling. Another interesting tidbit about these wasps is they don’t fly after dark-in fact they are a bit slow. As a result, we plug in the shop vac and vacuum them. Then we spray wasp spray into the hose. Ta-Dah! Dead wasps.

I don’t like any of it–having them in my house or killing them. I hope they move on soon for all of us.

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