It’s that time again.

Chilly early mornings with coffee and fire…these are a few of my favorite things…
39 degrees outside…with a stiff north wind dropping the wind chill to 27–in the cabin we are maintaining a steady 55. Insulation is AMAZING stuff.

I’m always excited to see a season change. By this time of the year I’ve had it with bugs, critters, and heat and am ready for the cold. I’m ready for more time inside. Warm meals and gathering around the stove. Stove time in the evening always equals conversations about all the things we want to do within this project.

My friend Shanna tells me that the intent of the season change and the nights getting longer is for us all to rejoin-inside. To gather, to regroup, to rest and reflect.

I couldn’t be more ready.

5 thoughts on “It’s that time again.

  1. Warming the tootsies I see. At first glance I thought your foot was inside the stove. Are you planning some heated discussions? I could not help myself. Crunchy Wasp RETRIBUTION!!! …..Hilarious.

  2. I have moved further north to start my homestead, but we don’t get a cozy wood stove just yet. (Stuck in an apartment while we get the land started unfortunately) This is what I most look forward to next winter, or fall I suppose. Thanks for reminding me what I am working for!

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