2 Years.

As of September 18th.  I have a hard time believing it. It’s been a fast, busy year.  It feels like we accomplished nothing-but that’s not true.  

So what did change this last year?

  • Installed kitchen cabinets and a counter top
  • Got a screen door (hallelujah)
  • Got a gun cabinet
  • Got a stove and oven
  • Started a wash house
  • Planted and failed at a garden (mice)
  • Lost a mud oven to rain
  • Got closer to finishing the chicken coop
  • Built a hanging garden (for next year!)
  • Installed an outdoor grill
  • Hauled in bricks and flat stone for a patio
  • Relied more on solar and less on generator power for daily use
  • Had to replace the solar batteries for the first time
  • Took a lot more outdoor showers
  • Continued to reduce belongings
  • A better cooler system (rack to separate veggies from meats)

A few things completed, right?!

What I thought we would have completed:

  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Water collection system
  • Deck
  • Chicken coop + chickens
  • Patio laid
  • Wash house built and in use

All big projects–that all take time & money.   

Do I still love living here and this way? Yes, yes, & yes.  I am still learning? Everyday. It’s still a challenge–but a fun challenge. 

Goals for year 3? Everything I thought we would complete this year!  And I’d like to get my off-grid book written.

We will see what happens in the next year-so stay tuned!

Love & light!



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