We have owls-specifically barn owls. Three of them live in the old-broken down trailer on the hill.  I found out we had them one night when I heard them screeching.  Yes, they screech…no nice, soft hoots here.  You can check out they’re sound below.

They come out at dark and seem to hunt in a circular pattern that starts around our house and moves outward then back inward several times a night.

(I know this because I sleep with the window open and they wake me up.)

They will perch on our buildings and hunt directly out of our yard.

Here’s what they leave behind: 

These are owl pellets.  Turns out that owls can’t digest fur/feathers/or bones.  They eat their prey whole then the muscles in their stomachs create these balls of funk which they regurgitate.

Yum.  Ha.

I’m not complaining.  I figure with three of them hunting the property our rodent population will come back to a reasonable level.  That in turn means our snake population will too and that we might be able to have a garden next year.

Yay owls!  Yay cycle of life!  Yay Mother Nature!


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