We don’t need no stinkin’ rawhide…

Last night I heard a dust up between our dogs and went out side to see what was up.  When I walked out the door all I saw was four dogs staring at me…nothing to see here human.

My husband went outside shortly after and located the source of the fight:It’s the lower leg of a deer.

My first thought, as I laughed, was something along the lines of…”what the hell have you done Happy?”  Then my husband reminded me, “It’s deer season.”

I looked puzzled (more so than usual). He proceeded to explain our friend a mile down the road (which Happy visits multiple times a day) had probably taken a deer.  While processing it he either tossed Happy the leg in question or Happy just took it.

Oh. Ha.

Funny, we just bought rawhide bones for the dogs to chew on.  Turns out Happy thinks rawhide bones are for wussies. 


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