A direction…

This blog began in April of 2013, the day the shed I am currently calling home was delivered.  The purpose was threefold; to chronicle our journey (lest we forget the details), to have an avenue to share our perhaps interesting life with friends and family, and lastly, to be able to create a document (book and/or ebook) to help others who might wish to endeavor a similar project.

I’ve not accomplished any of the three very spectacularly. Partially out of lack of time and lazinesss, but mostly out of not knowing what to share or where to start.

There’s lots to get through but  I think I may have finally figured out a direction and a logical way to share.


I think we can break it into three categories:  How-to, lessons and philosophy.

How-to such as turning a shed into a house, solar power all the way to mud ovens.  Lessons such as what will actually fit in 200 square feet and philosophy as in the why’s and wherefore’s of this lifestyle.

As we move forward I’m going to create a pin board on Pinterest and also start a video channel on YouTube.  The pin board will be to post the hundreds of pics I’ve taken and work within the how-to  portion of the plan.  The YouTube channel for how-to, lessons and some philosophy and general mouth-running.  Finally the writings on this blog will start being a bit more organized-categorized, tagged, and will be updated multiple times a week.

Sun, Wind & Dirt is growing up brothers and sisters and you are all officially invited along on for the ride!

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