One thought on “Happy.


    Hope you are staying warm up there. I really enjoy your posts and have been talking to Tammy Hardegree, a middle school science and math teacher, about “Sun Wind And Dirt”.
    She is very interested and would like to hear more and if it was okay with you share your story with her students.

    I am really impressed with your conviction and determination. We, society, really do not need all the “stuff” we think we do.
    Keep it up!!! You are setting a great example for the next generation.

    I apologize for not responding or commenting on your site. We have been remodeling and everything is a mess. And we have two more grandbabies, Onyx a boy and Parker a girl.
    I am hoping to have some chickens and a small garden by this next spring and that Tammy will give me some advice. Hehe

    Your homestead is growing!!! I’m happy you are HAPPY!
    Miss you Patsy

    PS . Do you still have a hotmail account?

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