Christmas:  Off grid style…

I haven’t done much for Christmas decorating since we have moved off grid.

It seemed impossible.  Just the lights alone can take a lot of power.  I didn’t want to run the generators just to have some holiday stuff around. 

The other issue is space.  Holiday decorations require room to display them and every inch in a 200 square foot home is a commodity.

It has, quite frankly, been a bit of a bummer.  I am a fan of lights, trees, ornaments, wreaths, ribbon, sparkly decorations, and…well you get the picture.

Last week I found myself gazing jealously at my friends decorations and lights.  Worse yet, wandering repeatedly through the Christmas aisles at Wal-Mart, getting a bit teary-eyed, thinking of holidays past.

My husband noticed my angst and asked me how I was going to decorate for Christmas.  I growled in reply, “I’m not going to.”  He said, “but you love Christmas.”

Grrrrrrrr.  I do love Christmas!!!!  

I had to face the facts:  I couldn’t go another year without a tree-without lights and stockings!!!! I had to do SOMETHING.

Then I remembered-A good friend of mine (Thanks Jess) had lent me some tiny battery powered lights and some small ornaments last year. 

I found those and changed the batteries.  Then I went back to Wal-Mart and found MORE BATTERY POWERED LIGHTS!    Each strand is 8ft long and takes 3 AA batteries.  Nice thing about AAs is that we have a battery charger for that size.

 These charge when the generators are on.

I bought 4 boxes at $4.44 each and bought a stocking for me, my husband and one each for the four legged, furry family members.

All I needed was a tree.  A small tree, one under 2 feet tall. 

We hit the stores and the thrift shop.  What we found was either too big, too expensive ($20 for a 2ft tree?), or just really ugly.  🙂

We looked around the shed to no avail–nothing even remotely tree-like laying around.

Then my husband suggested a tree branch.  Ah-ha!  I went for a walk around the property.  The only trees we have are mesquite.  Every branch is covered in sharp thorns. I thought about trying to weave my lights through that and decided to keep looking.

Then I saw it!  The prairie plant I hate the most:  a Russian thistle, a.k.a., the Texas tumbleweed. 

 Image courtesy of

Yep.  That was the tree.  I found a little one, pulled it out of the snow, found a empty clay pot and brought it in with a smile on my face.

Over the next hour I hummed my favorite Christmas tunes (there’s too many to list) and decorated our tiny shed. 

  Tumbleweed tree with lights & stockings 
 Light star on the kitchen wall  Lights on the stairs and loft

Ha!  Love it!! Makes me love the place even more, makes my heart happy to have brought the holidays inside and I’m excited to share it with you all.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, y’all-off grid style!

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