Winter has arrived…

We are under a blizzard warning for the next 24-36 hours.   We live within the magenta stripe.  Although no comparison to our northern friends, that’s a fairly hefty snowfall prediction for this part of the world.

Something I just learned today; blizzard conditions come not from the amount of snow, but rather snow + high winds.  (Basically, we could have a blizzard with 2 inches of snow.) Our winds are to be 40mph sustained with 60+mph gusts with 12-18 inches of snow flying around.

The high winds plus heavy snow net us predictions from the National Weather Service of 5-10 foot drifts. 

 Just for giggles our wind chills will be sub-zero for the next 24 hours.  

Finally to make it more interesting, our daily temperatures are predicted to stay below freezing until next Saturday.

Yep, 7 days.

My current bet is for 12 inches. My husband says we will be lucky if we get 6.

We will see.  Whatever it brings-we are going to be stuck with it for a week. 

What’s this mean for our off-grid, shed living arrangement?

We will need to keep our fire going, constantly, at least until Monday morning.  The high winds are not ideal for maintaining an acceptable temperature in our structure.

When the wind doesn’t blow and it gets in the teens and below we do ok.  Even over night when our fire goes out the shed will stay at least in the low 40’s.

With high winds and no fire we will get well below freezing in here.

Constant fire means constant use of wood.  We spent yesterday gathering, cutting, splitting and stacking wood. 

The wood is a combination of gathered cottonwood from the creek down the road, elm from the local municipal chipping site, unusable fence pickets and salvaged hard wood pallets. 

Our wood stove is standard size 12 inches wide by 3ft long.  Once a fire is started with about 4 sticks of wood, it’s a manner of just adding a piece or two to keep it going hour after hour. 

 Keeping this going will keep our shed temperature at about 55-60 degrees F. Comfy with warm fuzzies on!

Going to sleep tonight will be fine. Waking up in the morning once the fire is out for several hours is going to be cold.

Other preps included buying 3 days of perishable meat and veggies to go with our stock of dry goods.  We filled our 3-5 gallon indoor water containers and also got plenty of gasoline for the generator.

I am assuming we are going to be stuck for a few days.  Our road is completely unimproved and ties into a dirt road that is slightly improved that ties into a county road that will be closed until it can be cleared, probably (maybe) on Monday.

Now it’s a matter, just like everyone else in the area, of waiting to see what the storm is going to do.

In the mean time, I think I’ll have a cup of cocoa and sit by the fire!

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