Winter Update

We didn’t get as much snow as predicted.  Maybe 5 inches.  Turns out my husband was correct.  What snow we did get is sitting in short piles here and there.

The super dry, powdery snow coupled with the wind even formed a few drifts inside the outhouse.

Roads leading out are quite passable if not totally clear all the way to town. Once in town the story changes.

I was assuming that our conditions would be far worse.  My assumption was incorrect.

Town is 20 miles southeast of the cabin. Between here and there are miles and miles of prairie and barbed wire fence, a thousand or so cattle, one cell tower, and the road.  Nothing really for snow to gather on.

In town, all roads run through structures (homes and buildings) that break up the wind and create the conditions for drifts.  Every intersection was piled with about a foot or more of snow.  Parking lot entrances were buried. Everywhere we looked people were stuck. Neighborhood roads were covered as well.

The winds are still high; 40mph sustained with 55mph gusts.  It has stopped snowing.  They’re predicting a few more inches tonight.  That means more drifts in town.

Gladly, I am completely unconcerned about us.  Those few more inches will disperse with the rest of it into the prairie. I think however my friends in town may have an interesting Monday morning.

Heating Update

When I got up at 6 this morning the cabin temp was 38F. With moderate fire in the stove, we were back up to 58-60F in about 1.5 hours.

We’ve maintained that temp all day and our wood stack is still looking good.

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