Passive Cooling…

I was looking through my old Pinterest board about tiny homes and off-gridding and came across my passive cooling pin.   

Passive Cooling System

  Basic idea is pipe system buried “x” number under the ground pulls in warm/hot air from outside and as it circulates through buried pipe it is cooled.  Ground temp at 3+ feet below surface will be about 55-60 degrees F.  

It’s a fairly big project, digging and material wise-but not undo able.  Our hang ups have been trying to figure out how big the pipe field should be and at what depth.

There is a gentleman in Iowa that creates these systems for regular homes.  I contacted him for help but he couldn’t much get past the size of our home being 200 sq. feet AND off grid.  He didn’t want the job.

Interestingly enough I have discovered another person wanting to do the same thing!! Very exciting.

Check out his site here.  Looks to be some good info and reading.


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