How-To:  Getting Clean OTG

I should have told y’all this before-I’m a bit of a princess.

(Anyone that reads this and knows me may have just snorted in laughter…someday we might meet and you can laugh then too).

Well I am-perhaps not in the beautiful, sparkly, and elegant way–but when it comes to bathing–I totally am.  I really, really like to shower everyday.  EVERYDAY.  I just feel better when I’m same-day clean.

I also have a job that requires me to be dressed nicely and look clean every time I show up.  Ya know, one of those things. 🙂

The above can be a bit of an issue since we have no running water.

What to do then?

We have used five options in the two years we have been without utilities:

  1. Don’t bathe. 
  2. Bathe at someone else’s house. 
  3. Get a gym membership. 
  4. Bathe at work.
  5. Bathe at the shed out of a bowl.

You already know how I feel about the first one.  However, there have been times, due to weather and other forces completely out of my control, wherein I have abstained for several days.    

Second option-bathing at someone else’s house.  My brother lives in town and has a fabulous shower.  He let’s us use it anytime we want-we even have a key. It’s wonderful, warm and private, but I certainly cannot invade his house everyday. He wouldn’t bat an eye (he’s just that awesome) but I don’t want to do that–it’s just not cool.

Third option-get a gym membership.  We did this both for bathing purposes and working out.  It’s a nice place-little pricey-but the hours (4am-10pm) are good, really even on the weekends (7-6pm & 12-6pm).  Lots of hot water,  a hot tub, and sorta private in a public place.  

Fourth option-at my job.  Where I work there are a couple of places to shower.  Not a bad choice and I will use it I’m already there and need to bathe-but usually by the time I get there, I’ve already done all of that. Also, I do not want to go into work just to shower.  Best part about this option is it’s totally free.

Number 5-bathe at the old homestead. We tank in water and store it in 5 gallon containers under the stairs. From there we can fill any bowl, pot, or container we need to use.


Reliant 5-gallon water containers

To bathe inside I fill my 1 gallon kettle up and heat it on the stove until it’s putting off some steam but not boiling.  Boiling water and skin don’t mix.

I then pour hot water in a large metal bowl-like a bread bowl.  Throw a towel on the floor to stand on and gather up shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, washcloth, towel and cup.

(If it’s during the cold/cool season, a fire in the stove is nice to have going too.)

Then-get I naked and see how fast I can get clean.  Washing hair is just like doing it in a sink.  Washing the rest takes once with soap and then a rinse cycle. 😉

If it’s cold and either there’s no fire or there is one and I’m still cold-I can wash my body, get dressed and then wash my hair. 

I can’t speak to shaving a face-but shaving legs comes down to sitting on a step or low stool with a bowl of hot water in front of me that at least one foot will fit in.  I put a towel under the bowl because this is a bit messy and have one to dry off with.  Then I shave away.  

In the end I use about 2 gallons of water and it takes about 30 minutes.  It’s a bit slower than jumping into a regular shower-but usually I have the extra 15 minutes to spare.

Is it as awesome as a regular shower?  Nope. However, getting to be clean everyday-one way or another-makes the ends justify the means.

One thought on “How-To:  Getting Clean OTG

  1. I remember these days too. I remember when we installed the old claw-foot tub. We went from washing in a large pan to a tub. Each step we made in our progress was celebrated like we had invented the first plumbing system known to humanity.

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