It’s dusty here.  Ha.  What an understatement.  I’ve said before we live in the prairie.  This relates to it being dusty in the following ways:  1) The aforementioned prairie land is made of grass that covers a very fine sandy-clay top soil that covers kaliche & limestone.  2) This is a semi-arid region, meaning we don’t generally get much rain. Even when we do we dry up very quickly. & 3) Prairie grass, because it’s growing out of fine sand sitting on top of limestone without much moisture, is super fragile.  Walk on it more than a couple of times and you’re down to the sandy dirt.  Once the grass is gone nothing holds the sand-dirt in place and it gets everywhere. 

Front Yard


We have a fenced front yard that was once prairie and now is dirt.  My front door (only door) opens into the front yard. That door has a dog door in it. Point? The sandy dirt comes in with every paw and foot that crosses the threshold.

The wind doesn’t help much either.

Please understand I am not griping-just setting up the rest of my post…

Last year we acquired brick and sandstone.  The brick came from our good friend Donny (thanks Donny!) and the sandstone came from my work.  It’s been piled up waiting to be used. 




I gathered these materials to make pathways where it typically gets muddy or just for decoration. I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided to stone and brick the entire front yard.I am hoping that it will help cut-down on the amount of dust and dirt in my world.  Hey-a girl can hope…

I started the process this weekend. 

I started by the base of my dissolved mud oven.  I tore up the ground with a shovel and started fiddling with stone and brick arrangement.

Mud oven base


Arranging Stones & Bricks

I broke the bricks in half – just to make them easier to arrange.  I kept this up until I reached the original brick sidewalk we put in 2 years ago.    My husband walked by several times without comment.  I kinda got the vibe he didn’t care for my design (or lack thereof…).

The last step in this process is to dump dirt on top of the bricks and sweep it back and forth.  Eventually the dirt works down into the brick and stone. 

Spreading Dirt


Spreading Dirt

 The final product looks like this: 

Final pathway

 Once this was complete my husband walked by and said that it looked cool-like something out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom…as he walked in the house he said that he didn’t like it much before I put the dirt in.  I knew it!!!
The plan is to do the entire yard with spaces of flat-red 2 x 2 bricks to put chairs and plants on.

Eventually it should look cool and knock down the dust!  I’ll post updates as I work on it.

Next weekend I tackle the garden mess!

Garden Mess


More Garden Mess




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