No Trees.

I met a guy last Sunday while sitting in a hot, stuffy, delayed and semi-broken plane in Dallas.  We struck up a conversation while playing a game of Brain Words on his phone.  His name was Colin and he is/was an electrical engineer from Wisconsin.  He was flying to Amarillo to supervise an Excel Energy job somewhere in the northern panhandle. 

During the short flight, he inquired about things to do, places to eat, and the weather.  I filled him in quickly, because there’s not much to tell.  I told him he couldn’t have picked a more different climate and landscape from his home.  He looked at me quizzically and asked how so.  I said it’s flat with no trees.  He laughed and said, “No trees, really?”  I nodded and said, “Flat too.”  “How flat?”  “So flat that you can see as far as your eyes will let you.”  Again with the laughter.  I said we do have canyons..we moved onto solving word puzzles until we began our descent into Amarillo.

He looked past me out the window and said, “Oh.  You weren’t kidding,” and then, “So flat…,” and finally the inevitable, “Why do you live here?!” I just laughed.    As we taxied to the gate, he continued to look a little stunned. I said, “Hey, we do have one thing unique and very awesome.”  He looked at me, “Our skies.  Because we have no trees or landscape it’s 360 degrees of sky and often it can be very beautiful.” 


As we deplaned, I wished him luck and told him to not forget to look up. He shook his head, smiled and walked away. 

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