A Ceiling!

We have installed a ceiling in the bedroom.  Year one was just the roof over our heads…year two, we installed insulation…year three, we now have a ceiling over the insulation.  

It has taken so long because we couldn’t decide what to do; metal, sheet rock or wood and it has been a matter of having the time and resources to get it done. 

Finally, however, thanks to our new friend Mack, who eats insulation, (apparently eating insulation won’t kill you-who knew?!) we had to get moving on covering the insulation before it got completely destroyed.

Mack wasn’t the only problem with uncovered insulation, it was also getting torn up from being bumped into by humans and that lead to lots of dust and insulation fibers getting everywhere.

Dog chewed insulation…

Here is the before, looking up at the bedroom loft from the kitchen.

We purchased composite 8×4 wall board from Lowe’s for $9.84 a sheet.  It took 5 sheets for the ceiling and small, low walls.
We cut it to size and then held it up with our feet, while laying on the bed, and screwed it to the beams.

The end result:

We also removed the clothes hanger from the end of the loft/foot of the bed.  It has really opened up that space.  We are in the process of getting used to what it looks like-but both like it a lot!  

We will continue to install ceiling until we finish it.  Very, very excited!

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