OTG philosophy…

One of my great joys in life is the opportunity my job affords me of working with adolescents.  They are brutally honest and rarely cut me any slack.  The result is when asked a question by one of them, I’d better have my ducks in a row when I answer-if I want them to get anything from what I’m saying.

One such incident occurred last week when a young lady made a comment about a TV show she enjoys and asked me if I’d seen it.  I replied no and she looked at me as if I lived under a rock.  Not being able to help myself, I continued with, I don’t watch TV, because I have no TV.  Increduality suddenly appeared on her face as she froze in mid action and said, “Oh, you must be Amish.”  

I chuckled and replied, “No, I live off-grid.”  “Huh?”  “I have no electricity, no running water, etc.”. “And you’re not Amish?” “No, I just prefer to live a bit more simply.”  Then in true adolescent fashion, “Ugh, that must suck for you.  So that show I was telling you about…”

Ah, no ducks-no row…the small dream of sharing a bit of philosophy with her solidly missed. 

Here’s what I wanted to say:

Living off grid means we often concentrate on the basics of living (food, water, shelter) and spend very little time sitting in passive consumption mode (aka-butt time). Do we consume media?  Of course!(Because we live in a shed with cell phones, and not under a rock.)

Media consumption happens via listening to AM radio-for my better half, and Pandora for me while washing dishes or building something.  We also peruse various news sites and mess around with this blog and others.

The result of all that  finds me writing a blog post on a holiday morning (Happy 4th y’all) while drinking coffee, eating a nanner with my friend Clizzy and scheming on the projects for the day.

Is it better than watching TV? For me, yes-but maybe not for everybody.  Finally, (no wonder teens don’t listen to me) here’s the philosophy piece: there’s more than one way to live and the way you live, whether it be with a TV or without, should be a source of happiness. That’s all.  


3 thoughts on “OTG philosophy…

  1. As a teacher, I offered a Sustainable Living class as an elective. I had about 20 students sign up for it, and they enjoyed learning how to live with alternative energy, construction techniques, growing their own food, up-cycling. and living off the grid. I usually Netflix shows they recommend if they aren’t too dark and depressing or they loan me their DVD collection.

    • We don’t have cable or satellite television. We have been watching movies and TV shows we like via Internet or Netflix in the evenings after the day is done.

    • That is great! I am working with a different group of kiddos right now that are writing a blog post about tiny houses and solar energy for a “parent portal” blog. I work at a residential childcare facility and the kids are creating the portal so parents and caregivers can see how their kids live and learn while in placement. The particular blog post is about a STEM project going on on campus.

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