Walls are going up…

Today’s project is putting up our wall covering.  We helped my twin brother construct a new fence in trade for his old fencing material, or as we call it, new walls!

We came home with multiple bundles of “cleaned” fence pickets.

Cleaning them requires using a rip saw to remove the top and bottom of the pickets and then using a sawzall to cut the nails holding the center slat.  We obtained about 5 bundles!This morning after breakfast we began attaching them to the wall.  We used a miter saw to cut them to length (about 4ft each) and then to cut the angles against the stairs.To attach them we used a small, fine-finish nail gun.  It took most of the day to get them up and then trimmed-but it went smoothly and the results are fabulous!We chose used fence pickets because we like the look-old wood always has interesting marks, holes, bug damage and often human damage as well. (Note the pellets in the wood below…inserted there many years ago by my nephew and his pellet gun.)Additionally-it’s always great to re-use materials. They are often free, very cheap or easy to trade for and their use follows the trend of most of what we have built and will continue to build.

Next project on deck:  finish the bricks behind the stove and put up the used tin behind both the gas and wood stoves.

Updates soon!


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