Ye old stove…

We have a Volgerzang wood stove that heats our shed in the winter time.  We bought it a few months after we moved in to our off-grid palace and installed it right before the first freeze that fall.

We have had wood stoves in 2 other not off grid, previous residences as heaters-those places had no other heat source (both in south Texas-where cold is 50F).  Both worked decently well as long as you were in the same room as the stove and because it wasn’t too terribly cold.

Hence the advantage, in this moderately cold environment, of living in one room–a wood stove does just fine as the only heat source!

While we are putting up walls and brick tile behind the stove and in the kitchen, it was a nessecity-and perfect time :)-to pull out the stove and clean it.

We will brush out the stove, stove pipe and chimney to rid it of flammable creosote build up

 and have heat painted the outside to cover the rusty spots on the stove.  The stove pipe will get the same heat paint treatment.

Result-new looking, spanky-clean heat source.  Nice!

I’ll post pics when it is reinstalled in the new kitchen!!


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