Lessons Learned

This page will be dedicated to all “oops!” and “oh-oh yeah-that might have been a good idea,” moments.  Feel free to laugh at or with us.

Sub-freezing temps kill plants

Frozen plant

Freeze damaged Ivy

Well, not kill, but maim.  The last cold spell (we had highs of 11 – 15F) created temperatures of 25F in the cabin while we were gone with no fire going.  Plants don’t enjoy that.  We have since trimmed all the dead stuff and are waiting to see if the plants recover!


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Really enjoyed reading this . The hard part for me would be the first toe out the door on the way to the toilet . You sure have a short wish list.I have questions. What kind of lighting do you read by? What ya planting this spring? Will you name your chickens …… ? I named my Grandpa’s laying hens and one of his roosters. So is this where your mail is delivered ?

    • Hey Patsy! It is a bit difficult to get up and go pee when it’s 11F outside…The wish list is evolving-there will be more soon!! We read by head lamp or oil lamp when the generators are off–if the generators are on (couple hours a night) then we have all sorts of lights! We are planning a garden-pics soon–We want chickens, rabbits and goats. Well, my better half wants goats-I could pass (stinkin’ caprines!) =)

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