Part 1: Counter top and wall stain done.

I’m feeling a bit loopy from the fumes…

About to paint a cabinet, or three.


Or actually just getting going on finishing the kitchen!

Above is current kitchen state.  The plan includes staining the counter tops, painting the cabinets and adding reclaimed metal sheeting behind the cook stove.

Here the wood stove is missing because I’m also adding brick tile behind it and below it.  (It’s interesting how much space the wood stove takes up!).  There will be reclaimed tin/metal behind the stove pipe and reclaimed wood fencing on the wall adjacent to it.

Below are Photoshop mock-ups of what I’m going for!

The colors and textures will be a little different-but that’s the gist!

Wish me luck and I’ll post updates as they happen.



In bloom all over the valley.  There must be thousands in bloom!

Beautiful and edible!

We eat them raw off the stem (tastes like cauliflower) but also like them lightly sautéed in butter with garlic, salt and pepper.  Check out this post about the many ways to eat this spring treat from our friends at myheartofmexico….

Happy Spring y’all!

Light bulbs….

I went to buy light bulbs this evening for my mother in law…as I stood looking at the selection it occurred to me I hadn’t bought a light bulb in almost 4 years.  I just found out that light bulb technology is all LED now.  I was initially quite confused as what to buy–felt a little out of touch.  Wow.  This marks the first time living OTG has put me noticeably behind the times.  Interesting…

Ice Storm

The past 2 days have brought lots of moisture.  We have had thunder, lightning, sleet and are expecting snow tonight!  The moisture is quite welcome-and the ice on everything makes for some cool pics this morning!

I keep hoping the sun makes an appearance today (very unlikely)-the ice would be beautiful with sun shining on it.

So far our area has accumulated 1.42 inches of rain–if the conditions would have been slightly different we would currently be standing in about a foot of snow!

Admittedly, I am slightly bummed-however moisture is still moving in and we are expecting 2 inches of snow tonight…

A Ceiling!

We have installed a ceiling in the bedroom.  Year one was just the roof over our heads…year two, we installed insulation…year three, we now have a ceiling over the insulation.  

It has taken so long because we couldn’t decide what to do; metal, sheet rock or wood and it has been a matter of having the time and resources to get it done. 

Finally, however, thanks to our new friend Mack, who eats insulation, (apparently eating insulation won’t kill you-who knew?!) we had to get moving on covering the insulation before it got completely destroyed.

Mack wasn’t the only problem with uncovered insulation, it was also getting torn up from being bumped into by humans and that lead to lots of dust and insulation fibers getting everywhere.

Dog chewed insulation…

Here is the before, looking up at the bedroom loft from the kitchen.

We purchased composite 8×4 wall board from Lowe’s for $9.84 a sheet.  It took 5 sheets for the ceiling and small, low walls.
We cut it to size and then held it up with our feet, while laying on the bed, and screwed it to the beams.

The end result:

We also removed the clothes hanger from the end of the loft/foot of the bed.  It has really opened up that space.  We are in the process of getting used to what it looks like-but both like it a lot!  

We will continue to install ceiling until we finish it.  Very, very excited!